A full range of pro packing services at MOVE4ALL, INC.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and offering a complete range of packing options is part of this commitment. Our range of services include:
  • Complete and partial packing and unpacking.
  • Fragile packing for delicate or large items.
  • Supply of materials for clients to perform the packing themselves.
  • Specialized crating services for precious or fragile items.
  • We treat your belongings with the same care and attention we would our own.
Couple putting all the item inside the boxes - Moving Company in Orlando, FL

Packing Procedures & Responsibilities:

  • When you hire us for a FULL-PACK & MOVE, you have NO responsibilities. We will take care of everything for you. Make sure you leave car keys, checkbooks, cable equipment that may need to be returned (they may update you to new equipment at destination), tax forms, etc. WE WILL PACK EVERYTHING!!!
  • Partial packing is excellent for those that want to see what they can accomplish up until moving day. We will send packing materials on the truck and ""Pay-As-You-Go"" pack for you on moving day.
  • Packing yourself: Remember we always provide FREE wardrobe box usage (hanging clothes) and FREE mattress bags. Do not buy them! Your only responsible for packing anything that will fit in a small, medium, or large moving box. Anything that would protrude from a large moving box is our responsibility and part of your standard move. Remember ""Soft In & Hard Out"". You can leave all soft items (fabrics) in drawers and cabinets, and all hard items must be packed in boxes. We will be blanket and shrink wrapping all doors and drawers from opening. Don't waste a box on comforters, bed pillows, throw pillows, stuffed animals, etc. These can be placed in garbage bags. we appreciate these as well, they tighten your load when loading the truck.
  • 2 Professional Packer/Movers = $95.00 Per Hour + $3.50 Per Box + $1.00 Per Pound Of Pro Packing Paper + $3.00 Per Lg. Roll Of Tape
  • 3 Professional Packer/Movers = $130.00 Per Hour + $3.50 Per Box + $1.00 Per Pound Of Pro Packing Paper + $3.00 Per Lg. Roll Of Tape
  • 4 Professional Packer/Movers = $160.00 Per Hour + $3.50 Per Box + $1.00 Per Pound Of Pro Packing Paper + $3.00 Per Lg. Roll Of Tape
*Average Kitchen Uses 25 LBS Of Pro Packing Paper
Attention: Unlike our competitors, you will not pay any additional charges such as tax, fuel charges, or misc. surcharges. ONLY the rate requested. Local moves pay 30 minutes drive time to get through a city this size, this covers movers wages and 6 MPG. Any location 40 minutes or more from our base at 2020 S. Dean Rd. Orlando, FL will pay for GPS drive time from and/or back to our base if out of the service area. For larger homes and business over 1500 Sq. Ft., you may request an on-site "Flat Rate NOT To Exceed" estimate. Either way our men are very fast and efficient. When you choose ""Hourly"", Pro Movers that do not do damage will try to save you as much money as possible in hopes to put extra gratuity in their own pockets at the end of the move. We suggest ""Hourly"". Out of state moves must have an on-site estimate if over 1200 Sq. Ft. We pad and shrink wrap all items in the pickup location before removing. Wardrobe box usage and new mattress bags are always free. There is no charge for shrink wrap. We are a FULL-SERVICE mover. We do full disassemble, reassemble, and stage.