Business, Office, Corporation and Warehouse Moving

At MOVE4ALL, INC. , we have unlimited manpower and trucks to complete the largest of corporate moves including overnight moves so your up and running the next day. We provide a free consultation, by a senior moving executive, to provide you with all of the information you need to conduct an organized move based on your own companies current situation.
We provide immediate FREE delivery of purchased packing materials to ensure that your employees start gradually packing their personals and are fully packed by move day. We also provide full or partial packing services.
We are very detailed oriented when it comes to organization. We were recently responsible for moving 4,000 X-Ray hospital file folders, in numerical & lettered order, by hand, from one high security clearance area to another. Vertical file cabinets can remain full, as long as stairs are not involved. Lateral file cabinets must be emptied.

We Are A Christian Company With Much Compassion And Integrity. Profits Feed Orlando's Homeless. We Only Hire Seasoned Journeyman Professional Movers.

Packing preparation of the office - Moving Company in Orlando, FL

We move:

  • Office & medical equipment.
  • Copy machines – check your warranty info. - some leased machines will loose their warranty if moved by anyone except the supplier.
  • Light industrial equipment and engines.
  • All safes.
  • Cubicles (our specialty).
Great discounted rates on all realty office moves, church relocations, and non-for profit moves. We donate your unwanted gently used items directly to struggling businesses in poverty stricken areas.
MOVE4ALL, INC believes in blessing those that bless us. Those decision makers that choose to do business with our company will be remembered when they need a personal move for themselves or their immediate family members. We provide EMERGENCY same day packing and moving services when flood, fire, mold, or financial problems arise on short notice.
MOVE4ALL, INC sends you our “TOP” movers and managers, we know that your employees are a great referral source and that word of mouth travels faster than any advertisement, so we send you seasoned journeyman movers!

Unlike Our Competitors:

  • Always Free Wardrobe Boxes & Mattress Bags!
  • No Deposits (We Trust Our Clients)
  • No Minimums (15 Minute Increments After The 1st Hour)
  • No Surprises (No Extra Hidden Charges)
  • No Price Gouging (Weekends, Evenings, Holidays)
  • We Move EVERYTHING! (Hot Tubs, Pool Tables, Pianos, Clocks, Etc.)

Our Rates:


  • 2 Professional Movers & A Large Truck = $95.00 Per Hour w/ No Extra Charges
(Small Moves & Deliveries - small 1-2 bedroom apartments, appliance deliveries, 10 x 10 storage unit)
  • 3 Professional Movers & A Large Truck = $130.00 Per Hour w/ No Extra Charges
(Medium Moves & Deliveries - safes, stairs, 3 bedroom moves, chandeliers, a 10 x 15 storage unit)
  • 4 Professional Movers & A Large Truck = $160.00 Per Hour w/ No Extra Charges
(Large Moves & Deliveries - pool tables, grand pianos, hot tubs, 3+ bedroom moves, a 15 x 20 full storage unit)
  • Out of State = Request A Quote
Box with office supplies - Moving Company in Orlando, FL
Attention: Unlike our competitors, you will not pay any additional charges such as tax, fuel charges, or misc. surcharges. ONLY the rate requested. Local moves pay 30 minutes drive time for getting through a city this size. This covers movers wages as well as 6MPG. Any location 40 minutes or more from our base at 2020 S. Dean Rd. Orlando, FL will pay for GPS drive time from and/or back to our base if out of the service area. For larger homes and business over 1500 Sq. Ft., you may request an on-site "Flat Rate NOT To Exceed" estimate. Either way our men are very fast and efficient. When you choose ""Hourly"", Pro Movers that do not do damage will try to save you as much money as possible in hopes to put extra gratuity in their own pockets at the end of the move. We suggest ""Hourly"". Out of state moves must have an on-site estimate if over 1200 Sq. Ft. We pad and shrink wrap all items in the pickup location before removing. Wardrobe box usage and new mattress bags are always free. There is no charge for shrink wrap. We are a FULL-SERVICE mover. We do full disassemble, reassemble, and stage.


The Hourly Rates Above Plus:
  • $3.50 Per Box
  • $1.00 Per Pound of Pro Packing Paper
  • $3.00 Per Large Roll Of Tape


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